At Bayview Auto Finance, we work with Canada’s top banks and financial institutions to get you the best possible rate and terms for your auto loan. Unlike many other companies, we do NOT guarantee 100% approval. Bayview Auto Finance was NOT created to capitalize on the financial hardships of potential customers, but rather work with our customers to find solutions, and offer advice that will get you back into a positive credit position.

Our Financial Service Managers see it often – customers who are buried in extremely high interest auto loans, sometimes on older, higher mileage vehicles that are unreliable. This causes customers to seek a newer vehicle, forcing them to bury even more negative equity into an auto loan. Bayview Auto Finance wants to stop this before it starts! It’s a cycle that is very, very difficult to get out of, unless you have the cash to pay off your loan.

Like our parent company, Bayview Auto Sales, we operate extremely transparently. We hope that our customers are as loyal as we are, because what we offer is mutually beneficial. We don’t just want you to finance and purchase a vehicle. We want you to be in the vehicle that suits your lifestyle, at an affordable payment that will allow you to be in a positive equity position. What does this mean? It means that if you purchase a vehicle that suits your needs, is affordable to you, and you continue to make payments without default, there is a very high chance that before your auto loan is completely paid, you may return to us, and if you qualify, you could end up in a newer vehicle, at a lower payment because of your improved credit. It’s all about relationships and trust. We will walk you through every step of the way.

It costs nothing to sit down and speak with one of our trained Financial Service Managers. There is ZERO obligation.